About Us

Gymnastics All Stars System for Success

Marianne Butler trained and taught under the Olympic Gymnastics coach at the time Andre Rizzo.  Having taught gymnastics, dance, yoga  in schools  she realised the Gymnastics All-Stars system had a profound effect on every child’s physical, social and  mental development, ensuring each child reached their full potential socially and at school.

Fun, safe classes will encourage your child to develop a life-long love for movement and  physical activity  transforming their self belief from I can’t to I can. Your child will thrive  whilst being challenged in an age and ability appropriate class with gymnastics coaches who put students safety first.

Learn to listen and follow rules and directions

Gymnastics student have the opportunity to learn about cooperation, team work,  sportsmanship, fair play dedication and perseverance.

Every child is patiently taught, frequently praised, and always supported.

We strive to increase children’s strength, skill and agility through active FUN classes. Through proper skill progression and fundamental strength development your child will undergo a physical transformation, and experience those same transformative effects in other parts of life.