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Gymnastics All Stars Program – the benefits will last a lifetime.

Bring out your child’s full potential by enrolling them into

Gymnastics All Stars recreational classes.

Gymnastics All Stars kinder gym classes.

Fun, safe classes will have a profound effect on your child by developing a life-long love for movement and  transforming their self belief from I can’t to I can.


Gymnastics is unequalled as a sport for building your child’s physical, social and mental development.


Start your child on a fulfilling lifetime journey

Gymnastics All–Stars Program – System for Success

The Gymnastics All-Stars system has a profound effect on your childen’s physical, social and  mental development, ensuring your child reaches their full potential socially and at school.


Your child will develop a life-long love for movement and physical activity and transform their self belief from I can’t to I can. This creates a profound impact on the growing child and through physical transformation, they experience those same transformative effects in other parts of life.


Your child will increase muscular strength, skill and agility through active FUN classes. Our focus on proper skill progression and strength development will encourage joy of movement mastery, self discipline and self control.


Children who do gymnastics are more studious and better behaved at school. The social interaction with others their age and adults teaches children to learn to follow instructions, listen and take turns. This leads to children having increased attention spans, improved self-esteem, confidence and respect for others.

Free Trial Class

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Gymnastics students have the opportunity to learn about cooperation, team work, sportsmanship, fair play dedication and perseverance.


Monday to Friday

Kinder gym classes added on demand

All stars classes added on demand


2-3 years | 10:00 AM

4 years | 10:45 AM

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4pm

All stars ages 5 and up


30-48 Months | 9:00 AM

4 years old | 9:45 AM

5 years plus | 10:30 AM

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